Fixing IIS Express Developer SSL Certificate & Chrome 58+ [missing_subjectAltName]

Chrome has recently been updated (Version 58) to remove support for the matching of SSL certificates based on the CN when Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is not available. This is causing users to receive the following error when using Chrome and IIS Express configured with SSL. The server could not prove that it is localhost; its security certificate is from [missing_subjectAltName]. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. The real issue The real issue here is not with Chrome but rather with the self signed SSL Certificate that is installed as a pa…

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Debugging Azure Notification Hub Registrations

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On a recent project I had the fun task of investigating why Azure Notification Hubs wasn't playing nicely with an mobile app migrated from Azure Mobile Services to the newer App Services model. Everything seemed to be working on the surface of things but no notifications were being delivered. First I checked the Azure portal and it showed my active registered devices but no push notifications. So I knew my client side application was still registering with Azure Notifications Hub without any issues however for some reason the notifications weren't going out which made me suspect it was the ta…

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Integrating solar inverter to

Being based in one of the suniest cities in the world, I've always thought solar power would be an awesome way to cut my power bills down. Around a year ago I did the sums and decided it was time to make the jump to renewable energy. I looked around, found a reasonably priced inverter and panel setup and a few weeks later I had free electricity flowing through my house. One of the things I didn't pay enough attention to when choosing the inverter was how the monitoring worked. The inverter I purchased is the Bosch BPT-S 4.6 and I assumed it would integrate easily with however I…

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